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About Dipstone

It can get intensely cold in Sweden during the winter months, but its their vibrant music scene that keeps the melodic fires burning as temperatures reach well into the negatives.It was this which brought Swedish band and melodic rockers Dipstone to birth one cold wintry January evening in 2002. Whilst the temperature outside hit a ridiculously chilly -25 degrees, childhood friends Christian Fernandes and Robert Barrefelt came together for a few beers and a jam. Their connection was so natural that the relationship quickly built into a passionate duo until a couple of months later when they combined the forces of Sveriges own rock diva Malin Hween and emerged into a tight set trio. With vocals that could melt the coldest of winters and a unique combination of double guitars Dipstone was born.

After receiving numerous musical accolades in their home country, Melbourne independent Basin Records are proud to announce 'Dipstone's' forthcoming Australian release set for late July, featuring the debut radio single 'Maybe' at radio in mid June. In honour of the Australian release Dipstone will be heading to OZ to tour the east coast throughout July/August with tour dates to be announced soon!